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The Reader’s Digestive


The Reader’s Digestive
by William Jackson
Illustrated by Mr Gresty

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Intro by William Jackson:
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I have been enchanted by biscuits for as long as I can remember, which is longer than it should be. Some of my fondest childhood memories are hazy recollections of receiving my daily ration of two biscuits. These after school victuals, stored in the sacred barrel, would be the highlight of any youthful day. Never fully knowing the contents of the biscuit tin always added to the mystique of this treasure trove. On discovering one of the more upmarket varieties accommodated within, I would rejoice, and pray for the day when I was in charge of purchasing my own groceries. That day has arrived…

- - -
Book Info.
Format. Hardback
Size. 215 x 215mm
Pages. 60

For readers aged. 8+
ISBN. 978-0-9569285-1-1
Published & Illustrated by. Mr Gresty